Cottage Studio

Cottage Studio

The Isakson-Love Cottage Studio measures approximately 3.5 by 4.2 metres, with double glass doors, and windows on 4 walls. A long wall provides an ideal plane for working, pinning/nailing, and display. Overhead track lighting and free-standing lights allow artists to set-up the studio space in the way that best works for them. 

The Cottage also includes two decks (one facing the garden, one facing the hills), a kitchenette with a two-element electric hot plate, small baking/toasting oven, electric kettle, toaster, and refrigerator, firebox, skylight over set of bunkbeds, and outdoor shower enclosure with adjacent sauna, and separate toilet reached by a short path.

The Cottage has a Scandinavian theme and comprises a compact living and sleeping area with a separate, but connected, studio.  Also a sauna.  It is centrally heated by an efficient firebox. Kindling and firewood is supplied.  Two bunkbeds under a skylight. Kitchenette is supplied with dishes and linens. Outdoor shower and toilet. Free Wifi is available.

Pictured is Calgary-based artist Lydia Karpenko carding wool as part of her project with fibre gathered from different parts of New Zealand. 

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