Dani Henke - USA/NZ - Masterton District Fellow

Dani Henke - USA/NZ - Masterton District Fellow

Dani Henke is a Wellington-based sculptor, graphic artist, and designer-upcyclist. Her work marries the constructed and the come-upon, fusing sculpted ceramic elements with found objects or repurposed materials. 

Growing up in the American Midwest, Dani tapped into mixed media by exploiting the sheer abundance of discarded materials, a practice that has traveled with her, augmenting her creative process.  She has been anthropomorphizing everyday objects for years, finding interesting bits and bobs at flea markets or op-shops to reconstruct and embellish with clay.

Her Masterton District Fellowship project with NZ Pacific Studio involves discarded materials, found objects, and repurposed materials, with a focus on plastic in particular. 

Meet the artist and join a collaborative art project: 22 January 2020, 10.30am - 1.30pm.

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