A non-profit international residency programme founded in 2001.

Our residential spaces are at various locations throughout the Wairarapa.  

We welcome visual artists, musicians, writers and other creative practitioners to work intensively on a project of their design, and we  welcome applicants living in New Zealand and abroad -- we value cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary dialogue.

Residencies are self-catered and self-funded, although there are a few fellowships available each year.

In recognition of our "outstanding contribution to the Tararua District community", NZ Pacific Studio received a 2018 Trustpower Community Award. 

Our objectives:

  1. Provide studio & residential facilities for selected national and international creative practitioners / researchers to facilitate their intensive work and to foster inter-connectivity among the residents.
  2. Facilitate the finding and sharing of stories and creative processes that preserve and enrich the local culture, history and environments.
  3. Embed the creative processes and outputs of our residencies within the nearby communities of the Wairarapa and Tararua regions.

NZ Pacific Studio is a member of ResArtis, a worldwide network of artist residencies. 

A registered charity, we rely on donations, members, volunteers, and sponsors. Please join us.