NZ Pacific Studio offers several supported residencies each year through the generosity of sponsorships from individuals and institutions of the Wairarapa/Tararua community. Applications are required, and there is a selection process by committee.

Usually 2 to 3 weeks long, these opportunities may vary according to funding periods and may not be offered annually. They cover accommodation and local transportation. Fellowships are usually self-catering (residents provide for their own meals), and residents arrange for their own transportation to and from the Wairarapa.

Most come with the request to offer a community activity, and we assist with these logistics. 

Residents may choose to donate a work to NZ Pacific Studio or to their sponsor.

These opportunities are available to an individual. An applicant is welcome to propose a collaborative project, but the residency would only apply to the applicant and additional parties would need to cover their costs. Additionally, an applicant is welcome to propose a project that extends beyond the specified period, but additional accommodation and transportation costs would have to be met by the applicant.

Application notices for NZPS fellowships are listed on the ‘Blog’ section of this website, our Facebook page, and when funds allow, on The Big Idea - New Zealand’s longest running creative website.