There is nothing like time and space free from distraction to create your world. Thank you. - Fifi Colston

I am overwhelmed by the sense of aroha and manaakitanga extended to me... The experience was nothing short of invaluable... One of the things that I am struck by, is that after the public reading [at the Hurunui o Rangi Room, Carterton Events Centre], I am now more confident in calling myself a writer. I feel able to quieten the loud and persistent voice of the impostor that has followed me around for so long, and take some pride in realising of my own abilities in this area. To me, that is wholly transformative. - Natasha 'Tash' Lampard (Whakatōhea, Ngāpuhi, Pākehā), 2023

We really enjoyed getting to know Tash. We found her stimulating and inspiring for our own current creative thinking. She also reinforced for us how people find the cottage such a nourishing place to be in. - Michael Woodcock and Gaye Sutton, Hosts and Sponsors of the inaugural Te Ao o Te Pūkeko Residency

It was wonderful to get so much work done on my new long-haul project...  I also wrote a picture book while on the residency, which was a great bonus... My writing studio was absolutely lovely: warm, sunny, slightly elevated with beautiful rural views... Thanks so much for organising a very successful book reading/singalong plus workshop, and for gifting me with this generous opportunity!  - Juliette MacIver, 2023

The RAK Mason Writer's Residency gave me gifts of time and place. I was able to establish a writing routine that allowed daily immersion in the final phase of writing the ‘Rita’ [Angus] poems.  I am extremely grateful to have received that opportunity.   The cultural wealth of Masterton and the Wairarapa enriched my experience, and I was able to share poetry writing and discussion with a class of secondary school students. Reading in the Yarns in Barns Festival introduced me to new and established poets in a stunning vineyard setting.     The close variety of landscapes crept into my own imagining of Rita Angus’ seeing and painting. -Jenny Powell, NZ, 2020

I had a wonderful time in your beautiful part of the world. It was really productive, and gave me the time and space to think about the direction my novel is going, as well as planning other things I want to start - Jackie Davis, NZ, 2019

Thank you so much for your warm welcome and support while we were in the Wairarapa. Thoroughly enjoyed the week and got some solid work done - a wonderfully refreshing and rejuvenating time. - Sue Wootton, NZ, 2019

“Natural beauty, open space and relative isolation from city noise make this an ideal place to focus on artistic practice.... Thanks to NZPS and the crew of people who support it and keep it running. What a fantastic (and beautiful!) place to get some focused writing done. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and met some great folk from around NZ and the world.” -  Anthony Lapwood, NZ, 2016 and 2018

“What I liked most about the residency was company, companionship and collaboration with my co-fellows. Great environment, great place to get to know other artists.” -  Makyla Curtis, NZ 

“I loved how the house always maintained a sense of community even as it changed House Managers and residents, and existed to foster an artist’s individual talents. It was great to be able to link up with the board members and the fellowship sponsors during the stay. It showed how art-loving and accessible they were. I loved it. Miss it. The house was incredibly atmospheric and very enchanting. Perfect for storytellers and creators.” -  Leah Milanovic, Australia

"Everything was top-notch." - Mark Johnsen, USA

"A magical mix of stillness and stimulation." - Janis Freegard, NZ  

"An unforgettable experience. We would like to thank all the people from NZPS from the bottom of our hearts for making us feel at home." -  Phil Kueffer & Michele Bachmann, Switzerland"

"A wonderfully creative space – highly recommend!" - Denise Batchelor, NZ

"My residency at NZPS was extremely productive. The aspect of working in the relative isolation of the countryside and then having the opportunity to share with the other creators was invaluable." - Karen Curry, Canada

"Residencies allow an artist to think, see and feel in a very different way. My time at New Zealand Pacific Studio in 2011 was a time to explore the unique landscape, interact with the artists from the region and visit the local galleries and museums. It holds memories of crisp cool air and deep, deep green." - Lorna Crane, Australia

"I really love all if the bird life around and being able to access Pukaha Mount Bruce reserve." - Rose Kirkup, NZ

"The house is a magnificent and historical treasure that when combined with culture, local-hiking, and breathtaking scenery is an inspiring environment to pursue the arts.' - Talysha Bujold-Abu, Canada

"My residency was the first time I had been granted time to work solely on my writing, and was tremendously valuable. It was the springboard that gave me entry to the world of poetry." - Lynley Edmeades, NZ

"My NZPS residency was an opportunity to step out of the rhythm and continuity of my normal way of working. With tranquility and peaceful surrounds came focus and clarity in thinking about the future of my practice." - Max Bellamy, NZ

"I found great inspiration at NZPS. Creative energy lingers from artists' past and supports the process of art, regardless of the medium." - Sarah Dill, USA

"It was an amazing and peaceful experience, and I finally got some respite from my hectic life and it allowed me the time to just focus on writing. Highly recommended for all artists!" - Jona Byron, Australia

"I can freeze time and moments… to meditate with fruit, birds, streams, clouds, trees, grass… nothing is rushed… and then picking up a brush to draw has never been so easy." - Mary Lai Shan Chan, Hong Kong

"My time at the residency was an absolute highlight of my travels over the past year. Being in such a focused environment was transformational, and I can’t recommend it enough to other creatives who are serious about their work. The Mt. Bruce location was incredibly peaceful and very conducive to staying focused and productive. The house was a beautiful place to spend time and I loved getting to know the other incredible artists and writers who were also at the residency. I look forward to coming back!" -Hillary Bassett Ross, USA

"Thank you for a wonderful time in a beautiful environment - and for your hospitality. I hope to be back one day!" - Kathryn van Beek, NZ

"A great place run by great people. Thanks so much for having me!" - Laura Southgate, NZ

"I had a wonderful time here. I stayed in the cottage for about a month. It was very relaxing. And a great location with Pukaha Mount Bruce down the road." - Kelsey Reich, Canada

"The coming to the Wairarapa of artists from all disciplines and from differing cultures around the world mixed with our local artists is an enriching experience." - Heather Main, painter, NZ (formerly Heather Busch)

"Für mich ist das New Zealand Pacific Studio, Artists` Residency Centre, ein sehr sehr wertvoller Ort, an denen sich Künstler und Künstlerinnen sehr gut zurück ziehen und arbeiten können. Ein wundervolles Netzwerk von Menschen, die in den Austausch gehen und sich über den Ozean hinweg die Hände reichen wollen. Ein besonder Dank geht an Kay Flavell für die wundervolle Aufbauarbeit." - Marina Preufer, Germany

"To be at NZPS is to be surrounded by a non-stop soundtrack: a glorious, round-the-clock soundscape of birds... Living and working at NZPS in the hills of Kaiparoro and the neighboring Pukaha sanctuary, I come to meet the weather, and I come to meet the landscape. Safe in my Mount Bruce cocoon, I am able to access parts of myself I cannot find elsewhere. For this, and the visionary, supportive, and generous people who have made this possible, I am deeply grateful." - Kedron Parker, multi-media artist, NZ

"NZPS is unfailingly creative. In October 2015 I came here for a second residency, to translate 18th century Chinese recipes. My wife came along. Nine months later, our daughter was born." - Luo Hui, China/Canada/NZ 


"I did get to see your Pacific Studio exhibition at Aratoi on the last day and I was glad I had made it. It was one of the best exhibitions I have seen in that space. The work filled it up in an enticing way, a busy throng of people offering many surprises." - Rhondda Greig, Artist

‘The special place that is NZ Pacific Studio was clearly evident at the opening of celebration of fifteen years exhibition at Aratoi last Friday night’. Artists, both nationally and internationally, who have spent time at the studio, have sent their work to the exhibition which is testament to the role and the importance that the NZ Pacific Studio has to our arts and wider community. - Lyn Patterson, Mayor, Masterton, NZ

"The uplifting operatic excerpt and moving dual language poem [at the opening night of the exhibition] gave me insight into what the residency inspires." - Heather Main, (formerly Heather Busch), painter, NZ