We invite applications for this 2-week residency in the last two weeks of August 2023.  This residency includes complimentary accommodation in Greytown, Wairarapa, a studio space to write and practice in, a modest stipend, an opportunity to give two public (yet intimate) performances, and participating in a collaborative songwriting workshop with local musicians.

Wairarapa is home to many talented and accomplished musicians. Having the opportunity to meet and work with some of them is an important part of this NZ Pacific Studio initiative. Another is having the chance to entertain small audiences who are keen to meet and listen to our guest and their original work. An uplifting and encouraging experience is guaranteed along with the pleasure of being hosted by our generous friends Janette and Niels Gedge. Our thanks go to the Cross Creek Blues Club for awarding its closing funds to NZPS for this residency.

NZ Pacific Studio is an award-winning residency programme and registered charity based in Wairarapa, Aotearoa New Zealand. Founded in 2001, we have had the honour of hosting hundreds of musicians, writers and other artists from around the world to our region.  Previous musicians who have been awarded a music residency with NZPS: Jona Byron (Australia), Aldo Pinelli  (Argentina) and Jonathan Berkahn (NZ) – visit our website for more background.


Please email your application to NZ Pacific Studio:

Please include:

  • short biography (under 100 words)
  • email address, postal address, contact telephone, website link, Facebook link
  • description of your residency project and why it is important to you (under 100 words)
  • summary of your performance experience (under 100 words)
  • your expectations of the residency (under 100 words)
  • 2 links to any of your music available online
  • 5 words to describe your music
  • 2 referees, with their contact details – we will email them if you are shortlisted

Please save your application in one document (PDF preferred) titled with your name.

Please use your Name and 'Singer and Songwriting Residency' as the subject heading of your email.

This residency is open to musicians in NZ or abroad.

Application deadline: 31 May, 5pm, NZ time

The selection will be made by 15 June.

Good luck & we look forward to welcoming a musician to Wairarapa in August 2023.


2020/2021: Jonathan Berkahn, of Wellington. Jonathan undertook his residency in Gladstone, Carterton, in November 2020, performing at two community concerts and writing new music. He returned to Wairarapa in April 2021 for the premiere of Frog Farm Suite, named after the cottage where he held his residency. Wairarapa Community Orchestra, conducted by Ruth Eckford, performed the work at ALLSORTS, a standing-room-only concert at the Carterton Events Centre. Many thanks to support from Carterton Creative Communities, the Cross Creek Blues Club, Kevin Bannister and Rob Maunsell.

2017: Aldo Pinelli, from Argentina. An award-winning singer and composer who has released six albums. During his residency, Aldo performed at the 2017 Kokomai Creative Festival and at the BLOCK PARTY - both concerts were held at Aratoi Museum. He also worked on his composition, 'Night Forest'. For more on Aldo: Bandcamp.

2015: Jona Byron, from Australia. A musician and filmmaker based in Melbourne. During his residency, Jona composed five songs and performed at two house concerts in Masterton. One of his songs was part of the 15th anniversary exhibition at Aratoi Museum in 2015-2016. For more on Jona: Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Thanks to support from Cross Creek Blues Club and Carterton Creative Communities Scheme for their support for the 2020/21 Fellowship. The initial sponsors of the Music Fellowship were Dr Rob Maunsell and Keith Hunt.