Emerging Artist


This Fellowship runs when our fundraising efforts are successful. If you would like to suponsor this opportunity for an artist, please contact us at "". Thank you!

This artist is starting out on a career and has potential.

The purpose of this Residency is to support an artist at the beginning of his/her development, not only providing time and space for the creation of work but also the sense of validation that such an award brings. 

The selection criteria includes depth and breadth of the proposed project, dedication to one’s art, and willingness to engage in the community which has supported the fellowship.

Residency period: 2-3 weeks depending on the sponsorship.

Sponsors: In 2014, sponsors were Robin Lane & Jeanette Brunton, and Jodie Dalgleish. There was no Residency in 2015 due to lack of funding. Funds raised from the February 2016 "Lady in the Van" film premiere supported the 2016 Residency.

2014 - Inaugural Resident: Bevan Shaw, Artist, Wellington. During his residency, Shaw worked on new paintings drawing on his environs; works showing landscape and issues surrounding its contestability; and works fired up by local political billboards and the crazy run-up to the parliamentary elections.

2016 - Nick Davies, Physical performer / circus artist, Wellington. Nick Davies led two sessions with the Eketahuna Youth Club as part of developing a new performance during his residency. He also participated in the annual Teddy Bear Picnic at Henley Lake.