Sunshine Herbert - Illustrator, Australia

Sunshine Herbert - Illustrator, Australia

Sunshine Herbert was an Artist in Residence for the month of August 2015. 

Sunshine spends most of her days convincing people that yes Sunshine is actually her real name. It is. Seriously, please believe her :).

She is a fantastical, whimsy inspired artist, living amongst the cobbled streets of sunny Melbourne, Australia. 

A self-taught artist, she has displayed in several national galleries and has sold her work internationally. With a couple of children’s books under her belt, she’s becoming obsessed with character development in her art and allowing her little people to live their own lives. 

Sunshine draws heavily on her love of fantasy and science fiction, a lifetime of dusty second hand bookshops and an obsessive urge to watch all the awesome tv series in one go. She just generally loves to paint, and aims to paint cool stuff she wants to see. 

Sunshine can just as easily be found reading a fairytales on a train or being that weird girl that’s setup an easel in everyone's way.

During her stay at NZPS, she gave an inspiring workshop at Masterton Intermediate School, visited the studio of Dame Robin White, and shared her work at an Open Studio Day at NZPS. 

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