Applications accepted for Friends of Aratoi Fellowship -- Deadline: 31 July -- CLOSED

Applications accepted for Friends of Aratoi Fellowship -- Deadline: 31 July -- CLOSED

Friends of Aratoi Fellowship (since 2011)

With thanks to sponsorship from the Friends of Aratoi, New Zealand Pacific Studio (NZPS) invites applications for a two-week residency at its multi-cultural residency centre based at Normandell, a historic home (1911) set in the hills of northern Wairarapa. Creative practitioners or researchers are invited to propose a project that extends their practice and is based on an interest in the region, including the role of the Aratoi Museum of Art and History in Masterton.

The purpose of this Fellowship is to develop the arts and/or exploration of local history in the Wairarapa region, to enrich the Aratoi Museum of Art and History’s community programme, to provide the artist with time and space for the creation of work, and to facilitate interaction with other artists in residence at NZPS. 

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The two-week Fellowship must be undertaken in the last week of November 2016 and the first week of December 2016 - approximately 25 November to 8 December 2016, with the artist taking part in the New Zealand Pacific Studio group exhibition in the Wesley Wing of the Aratoi Museum of Art and History. The Opening is scheduled for December 2. The Fellow would offer a community activity on Saturday 3 December at the Museum. The Fellow may also have an afternoon session with members of Friends of Aratoi, talking about one’s art/practice – either at NZPS or at the Museum.

NZPS offers the 2016 Fellow two weeks of accommodation in the historic Normandell house, local transportation within the Wairarapa, and a contribution towards project costs.

Artists/creative practitioners working in any medium can apply – writers, visual artists, dancer/choreographers, oral historians, musicians, etc.  Applicants can be at any stage of their creative ‘careers’.

The selection criteria include depth and breadth of the proposed project, the way in which the project relates to Aratoi and the Wairarapa, dedication to one’s art, willingness to engage in the community which has supported the fellowship, and the degree to which the Fellow, the Museum, NZPS, and the local community will benefit.

Previous Fellows include Justine Fletcher (2014) and Marie Potter (2015).

The residency is self-catering: all artists buy and prepare their own food while in residence. Residents also bring necessary equipment and supplies with them, or liaise with NZPS about purchasing them once in residence. A live-in house manager is contracted to assist residents with transportation.

The residency supports an individual; an applicant is welcome to propose a collaborative project, but the Fellowship would only apply to the applicant and additional parties would need to cover the costs ($350/week accommodation and $50/week transportation) of their residency themselves.

An applicant is welcome to propose a project of more than two weeks in duration, but costs for accommodation and transportation beyond the sponsored period would be met by the applicant.

The living/work space allocated to the Friends of Aratoi Fellow at NZPS will be decided by the Community Programme Manager in support of the Fellow’s project and in response to the Fellow’s particular requirements.

NZPS normally hosts an Open Studio Day during the period, at which the Fellow – and all artists in residence – are asked to give a short presentation/performance to visitors. If any work of art is sold at these events or during the residency, NZPS receives a 20% commission.

Fellows may choose to donate a piece of art (or a copy of his/her book) to NZPS, a registered charity.

Application period: July 1 – July 31 2016. Deadline is midnight, New Zealand time.

The successful applicant would be notified by August 30 2016.

Application process:  Please e-mail NZPS with the application in ONE DOCUMENT (eg Word or PDF) – please keep the file size under 1mb:

1. A short biography

2. A short description of your proposed project, its objectives and inspirations, why it is important to you, how it would benefit you and extend your practice at this time, and any specific requirements you may have.

3. A brief outline of what community activity you would offer.

4. A sample of your work (If a writing sample, no more than 1,000 words, please).

6. The contact details of two Referees whom we may contact if you are shortlisted.

Apply by e-mail to Community Programme Manager, NZPS, info @

 Key skills sought: 

Commitment to a personal creative practice; ability to work independently; a desire to connect with a wider audience and with the community; able to live and work with others in a multi-cultural setting.

Posted: Fri 01 Jul 2016