An Afternoon for creative people aged 17-22 to explore art forms - Oct 1

An Afternoon for creative people aged 17-22 to explore art forms - Oct 1

Presenter: New Zealand Pacific Studio / Sponsor: Masterton District Council / Cost: $5

The day starts with the sea.  Artist Robin White will guide people through her experience of The Kermadecs, the islands she visited with eight fellow artists – writers, photographers, sound artists, poets & painters – many of whom are now life-long friends. The art they created from that journey is on display at Aratoi Museum.

Then we’ll create, collaborate, discuss, and critique. We will have the whole space at King Street Artworks for personal & group work. We can go anywhere: art is like that. Start to create and anything can happen. Music/sound happening with writing and drawing, or maybe photography/film with painting or dance/movement... There will also be pizza to be shared...

WE CAN GO ANYWHERE is about experiencing various art forms and for people to inspire and 'feed' each other with their different skill sets and experiences, just like the energy among the nine artists of the Kermadec project. This sense of humanity & community is at the heart of NZ Pacific Studio, an arts centre in Mount Bruce where people from around the world live together for a week or months at a time. 

New Zealand Pacific Studio artists will join as guides for the day.  Musician/Singer/Songwriter Sarah Dill (USA), Painter Mark Manning (NZ/USA), and Writer AnnabelWilson (NZ). Multi-media artist Sam Duckor-Jones (NZ) will also facilitate.

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Posted: Wed 21 Sep 2016