Applications accepted January 15 – February 15, 2018 Ema Saiko Poetry Fellowship

Applications accepted January 15 – February 15, 2018  Ema Saiko Poetry Fellowship

New Zealand Pacific Studio invites applications for the three week 2018 Ema Saiko Poetry Fellowship.

This opportunity is made possible with the generous sponsorship from individual members of the arts community.

The purpose of this Ema Saiko Poetry Fellowship is to encourage the writing of poetry and, in turn, to honour the Japanese poet and painter Ema Saiko (1787-1861). Writing at a time when it was unusual for women to be included in the rarefied circles of male poets writing in Chinese, Ema Saiko dedicated herself to, and developed, a poetic form centred on the discovery and unfolding of a rich intellectual and artistic life connected to her physical environment. Saiko was acutely attuned to the daily and seasonal transformations of the natural world.   

NZPS welcomes applications from both female and male poets of all cultures – poets who seek a sustained focus on their writing. Applicants can be working in any way and do not have to relate to Ema Saiko in terms of style or content.

Fellow would work in the garden-facing writing studio (pictured), the Saiko Room, with French doors, an open fire, and a large desk.

As part of the supported residency, the Fellow is encouraged to offer an activity for the community, such as a reading, workshop, or lecture. Selection will be based on the nature and strength of an applicant’s proposed project and the degree to which both the Fellow and the local community will benefit from it, although the focus remains on supporting the poet in the serious creation of their work. Applicants can be at any stage in their creative ‘careers.’

Previous Ema Saiko Fellows include: Makyla Curtis, Ya-wen Ho, Alan Jefferies,Yukari Nikawa, and Janis Freegard.

Please e-mail NZPS with the following in ONE DOCUMENT (eg Word or PDF) – please keep the file size under 2mb:

1. Your biography.

2. A description of your proposed project, its objectives and inspirations, why it is important to you, and any specific requirements you may have.

3. When you would like to be in residence (up to 31 December 2018). Dates of residency are open to negotiation. If your project requires you to be in residence at a specific time, please make this clear in your application.

4. A statement of how the Ema Saiko Poetry Fellowship would benefit you and extend your practice at this time.

5. A sample of your work (no more than 6 poems / 1,000 words).

6. The contact details of two Referees whom we will contact if you are shortlisted.

Applications close midnight 15 February 2018, NZ time. Apply by e-mail to Community Programme Manager, NZ Pacific Studio,


The Ema Saiko Fellow will be in residence for three weeks at the historic Normandell House in the Wairarapa. Accommodation is free during this time (it is normally charged at a weekly rate of $350 per week plus $25 for local transportation). The successful Fellow would need to cover travel costs to and from the Wairarapa and to buy one’s own food while in residence. In addition, the Fellow should bring any necessary equipment and supplies, or liaise with NZPS about securing them.

The Ema Saiko Fellowship is available to an individual. An applicant is welcome to propose a project of more than three weeks in duration, but accommodation and transportation costs beyond the sponsored period would have to be met by the applicant.

NZPS may host an Open Studio Day during the period, at which the Fellow – and all artists in residence – are asked to give a short presentation/performance to visitors.


Fellows may choose to donate a book/chapbook to NZPS or to the sponsor.


NZPS is a registered charity.

Key skills sought: 

Commitment to one’s creative practice; ability to work independently; a desire and ability to connect with a wider audience and community; interest in a rural environment; and an open-mindedness to be able to live and work with others at the multi-cultural residency centre.

Closing date: 

15 February 2018

Contact details: 

Community Programme Manager, New Zealand Pacific Studio, Wairarapa


Posted: Wed 17 Jan 2018