2018 Lavinia Fellow - Mya Cole

2018 Lavinia Fellow - Mya Cole

NZPS is delighted to announce the 2018 Lavinia Fellow, Mya Cole from Auckland. We will be welcoming Mya to NZPS in mid-June.

Mya is a multimedia artist who has an infatuation with movement and poetry, She believes the two mediums are so perfectly linked that they cannot help be made without the other. She is a creative writing student at Auckland University of Technology which she loves and she constantly has a plethora of side projects.

Whilst at NZPS Mya will explore her Fijian heritage through language and dance. She wishes to find a way to choreograph the nature of being diaspora to acknowledge her heritage and find a way to incorporate it into her piece of movement/poetry through ritual and traditional values. She is very excited to have the opportunity to explore these ideas.

Posted: Fri 08 Jun 2018