Marolyn Krasner - Writer, NZ

Marolyn Krasner - Writer, NZ
Marolyn Krasner is a fiction writer originally from California; she has lived in New Zealand since 2003.
She writes, "I started my writing life at 13 as a journalist inspired by the film 'All the Presidents' Men'. I decided I was going to save the world by writing for newspapers. In my early 20s, I made the switch to writing fiction. I have not been published... yet. I am working on a novel that I hope to publish in 2018. I am also participating in a year-long online writing course called Eleven Stories. I live in Palmerston North with my wife and our two young children."
During her week-long residency, she edited her novel The Radicals, created content for her website, used the solitude for thinking and reading, and enjoyed being with other creatives doing their mahi.

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