Farzana Nodini - Painter, Bangladesh

Farzana Nodini - Painter, Bangladesh

Bangladeshi visual artist, Farzana Nondini works in many different media but prefers oil, acrylics and watercolours. She strives to bring back intimacy to painting and to explore the depth of romanticism between nature and women. This is most important to her and perhaps, she believes, more radical than the current preoccupation with glamorized violence and destruction. Since 1988 Farzana has taken part in numerous art exhibitions in different countries. As well as postgraduate in fine arts from the University of Chittagong.She has an MBA in marketing.

In Farzan's words: "I want to devote myself into creative work. NZPS provide assistance to artists. NZPS is surrounded by beautiful nature, calm environment that has inspired me to apply for this residency. I love nature. Also, I always want to exchange views with different countries artist, culture and peoples. that's why I decided to apply for this residency.

NZPS is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery that inspired me to explore the depth of romanticism between nature and women. It’s a juxtaposed formation of artwork that represents the women’s and nature’s emotions, love, joy, and sorrow. My work portrays women living in nature without malice."


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