Tina Butterfield - Painter, USA

Tina Butterfield - Painter, USA

Photo: Allan Ivy, 2014)

Tina Butterfield will exhibit "Humilitas" - a series of paintings she created during her NZPS residency at Toi Wairarapa Heart of Arts from May 17-22. 47 High St North, Carterton. Open Daily. Meet the Artist on Wednesday May 18th at 6pm.

Tina Butterfield grew up in a town of 100 people on the plains of Kansas. Currently an artist-in-residence at New Zealand Pacific Studio in Mount Bruce, Tina is an Assistant Professor of Art at Western State Colorado University.

“I am interested in creating macroscapes – landscapes that are inspired by the humbling experiences of the natural world.  They explore the bigger picture – the powerful relationship of the macro world surrounding us compared to the internal, intrinsic micro realm within us. 

"To be humbled allows us to grasp our humanity. Humilitas, the Latin term for humility, is derived from humus which literally means:  earth. 

 By using natural materials such as soil, ash, and collected organic materials to create pigments and add value and texture to my paintings, I am directly working from the earth. I am creating spaces for a clearer understanding and perspective of our place in the larger scheme of life and the world around us.” 

Tina Butterfield and NZPS acknowledge the kind support of Western State Colorado University and Toi Wairarapa.

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