Ingrid Frykholm - Architect, Sweden

Ingrid Frykholm - Architect, Sweden

Ingrid Frykholm is an architect, born in 1982, that is active in Stockholm, Sweden. During her career, she has primarily focused on working with historical buildings in the form of restoration and rebuilding. In addition to her employment she ran her own company where she focused on developing small projects that inspire her and that develop her knowledge and contact with other art fields.

Ingrid is an architect and artist, who spent six months travelling around New Zealand, Australia, USA and Tanzania before returning home full of ideas, insights, and sketches for her practice. During her trip to New Zealand, Ingrid explored the population’s relationship to nature and how it is reflected in the architecture. How a country with such a changing climate manages nature’s variations and the opportunities it provides. The historical and social context is, in one way or another always present in her work. Ingrid worked towards gaining an understanding of building development of New Zealand and its connection to Europe. She has looked at how New Zealand ́s architecture developed in to what it is today and what characteristic features that were created through the country’s resources and needs.

During the trip Ingrid collected material in the form of photos, sketches and movies that she processed and compiled during her time at the residency. She commented on the collected material from her own experience and point of view through collage, architectural drawings and models / sculptures.


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