Jess Levine and Aaron Chantrill (USA) - Public artist team

Jess Levine and Aaron Chantrill (USA) - Public artist team
Environmental artist Jess Levine is the recipient of dozens of residencies, grants and public commissions and with Aaron Chantrill, the public artist team employs an inclusive and socially engaged approach to art making, creating installations across the United States and in Ecuador, Haiti, Puerto Rico, St John, US Virgin Islands, and now Aotearoa New Zealand.
Many of their projects include living plants, ranging in scale from large parks to pop-up installations at farmers' markets, and gallery installations. They research the local habitat, natural history and culture, and employ a range of media, always sustainable and non-toxic and often re-purposed, endeavouring to encourage a commitment to conservation. 
They also engage the local community whenever possible. During their residency in rural Carterton, they created portals through which to experience the landscape and invited members of NZ Pacific Studio to experience their in-situ installations along a creek.
Jess writes about their residency here.
For more, visit Jess Levine's website.

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