Jonathan Berkahn (NZ) - 2020/2021 Music Fellow

Jonathan Berkahn (NZ) - 2020/2021 Music Fellow

Composer, performer, and educator Jonathan Berkahn is an accompanist, soloist, and chamber musician and an experienced choral conductor –  of classical (musically literate) choirs and community groups. He has also been active in many folk/traditional bands – Celtic and Eastern European, the Wellington Irish Sessions and is a ceilidh (dance) caller. 

He has a degree in composition from Victoria University, an honours degree in performance (organ, harpsichord, and fortepiano), and a PhD in musicology. 

Jonathan undertook his Fellowship in Carterton in November 2020, during which time performed at two community concerts and produced a song cycle based on his experiences in Wairarapa. 

He returned to Wairarapa on 10th April 2021 for a performance with the Wairarapa Community Orchestra, at Carterton Events Centre. The concert featured the premiere of his Frog Farm Suite. 

The Music Fellowship is suppported through the Carterton Creative Communities Scheme and the Cross Creek Blues Club.

For more about Jonathan Berkahn, visit his website.

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